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 Treasure seekers by Robert Seymour, 1798-1836

"Yea a stick of ash, carved with proper devices, & adjurations; shall become in the hands of an adept, a powerfull divining wand to discover immense treasures" old treatis on magic.

RS in bottom left hand corner. The cartoon wrongly anticipates radical reform of the Church of England, which it presents as an attempt to appropriate ecclesiastical wealth. The Duke of Wellington is shown as a wizard, with his assistants Lord Lyndhurst, George IV, and Sir Robert Peel, eager to dig up a great treasure. Wellington as a wizard, with three assistants or spectators, Lyndhurst, George IV, and Peel, seek for buried treasure. The Duke (left), spectacled and wearing a steeple-crowned hat and a cloak decorated with cabalistic devices, kneels on one knee beside a circle of light thrown by a dark-lantern; he balances a crosier between finger and thumb, using it as a divining-rod. Within the circle lie a sword, an 'Act of Pa[rliament]', a bayonet, a crowned baton, a miniature cannon, and a tiny pyramid. The ground is inscribed 'Church Land'. An excavation in the foreground reveals what lies below in a rocky cave: a pile of money, mitres, a cross, a jug and chalice, a small cask, two bottles, a hat, and a box inscribed 'Tites' [sic] and ornamented with a pig. Lyndhurst, next Wellington, in wig and gown, crouches forward, his hands resting on the mace and the Purse of the Great Seal. The King stands next him, wrapped in a fur-bordered cloak on which is a cabalistic device. Peel (right) wears a shirt and breeches, and leans on a spade. His rough hair is bound by a handkerchief in which a horned (waning) moon is thrust. There is a background of clouds partly obscuring a full moon. In the upper margin: '"Yea a stick of ash, carved with proper devices, & adjurations; shall become in the hands of an adept, a power full divining wand to discover immense treasures." Old Treatise on Magic.' c. July 1829

A Rigmaroll
Etching and aquatint Illustration to Egerton's 'Airy Nothings; or scraps and noughts, and odd-cum-shorts'; men and women dancing with hands joined in a circle, an old man in captain's hat waving an umbrella in the centre; after M. Egerton. 1825 Inscription Content: Lettered below image with title, production detail: "M.E.", "Engraved by G. Hunt" and publication line: Thomas Mc Lean, Haymarket. Height: 195 millimetres  Width: 236 millimetres £55 rare only found one in BM


A great dairy-man
Scarce print published by Published by George Humphrey  drawn by by Theodore Lane . Cows and goats with distended udders are grouped outside a small thatched cottage (see No. 13893). The King, wearing apron, over-sleeves, and top-boots, stands by a cow, an arm resting on her back, his pail at his feet, his stool behind him. Behind (right), a fat dairymaid, presumably Lady Conyngham, walks towards the cottage, her pail on her head. Three plump women watch from open casement windows. December 1820 Etching with hand-colouring Inscription Content: Lettered with title, and "Pubd by G.Humphrey 27 St James's Street December 1820." Theodore Lane, a brilliant young caricaturist who died in 1828, born in 1800 at Isleworth, in Middlesex.  He was largely self taught as an artist, although he must have received encouragement from his father, who had been a drawing master at Worcester. At 14 he was apprenticed to the minature painter John Barrow at Battle Bridge. He studied watercolour portraits and miniatures, exhibiting at the Royal Academy from 1819.Seriously rare one in BM on rag paper came from large ex Gallery uncoloured  with the Sayers and others  £165 inc

Inconvenients du voyage de st Cloud par terre

Postal Caricature showng the postie on horeback attributed in the only other copy I can faind to Neel who wrote an early travel treatise in 1753. Initiatled to the base line with n.l. simple line etching with later but early colour. Light overall toning to cream from white , mounted rare £150 inc delivery

The Midshipman's Birth / Berth
Published by I. W. Laird, 1, Leadenhall Stt. 1841. Image 29.5 x 45.5 cm hand coloured mezzotintssome age toning and staining to the legend below.The setting below deck shows the off-duty activities of young midshipmen and other men in their mess cramped between decks. At present framed ( modern) in a wash lined mount £160 inc delivery

.Holding a Candle to The Devil

By Sharpshooter . . published by J Chappell, Royal Exchange April 2 1828 . A rare caricature Unusually full page superb full margins no defects other than slight browning to the page edges . This is a quotation from an early English Proverb 'It's good sometimes to hold a candle to the Devil'.. . . . . .Holding a candle to the devil is assisting in a bad cause, an evil matter. A. Sharpshooter like some other cartoonists of the period, disguising his real name! Actually John Phillips pseudonym A.Sharpshooter £180 inc

ANONYMOUS. The Kings Evil. A Recipe. (S.W. Fores.) 1786, 28 Sept.Engraving; . Image . 9¾" x 7¾". £135
The Prince of Wales stands, arms folded, with Mrs Fitzherbert sitting behind him, her legs immodestly visible beneath the table. Two pistols point at the Prince's head: 'A Recipe'. On the Prince's marriage to Mrs. Fitzherbert.framed and glazed inc

How ar'ye for Fish! . .. a soal . . whiting. . haddock ..skait. .a.. . a

Drawn by M.E. but NOt incorrect printers notification   published by Thomas Mclean at 33 haymarket , London . With older hand colour .Mounted etc c 1828.Gentleman reading a menu in a tavern £115. This is not available in the BM archives and as an advert for Charles Wrights Champagne is included upon the back wall it may have been specially commissioned as an advertisement.


with older hand colour .Mounted etc Published by G.Humphrey, 27 St James Street, June 1821 £85

Holloo-Thom-ass-there's two Tea's anda brandu and a worter a bolting over the palings

Published by Thomas Mclean at 26 haymarket , London . With older hand colour .Mounted etc c 1828.Cut to image and mounted separately as the title and image behind the mount ( sneakily done) £55 still rare

McLean's Monthly sheet of Caricatures No 26

published by Thomas Mclean at 33 haymarket , London . With older hand colour .Mounted etc c 1833.£45

Symptoms of a View on Bagshot Heath

by Henry Alken from "Symptoms of Being amused" 1822 to 1827 published by Thomas Mclean at 33 haymarket , London . With older hand colour .Mounted etc c £45

Humour page 2

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