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Sir Muirhead Bone (23 March 1876 - 21 October 1953) A Scottish etcher, drypoint and watercolour artist.The son of a printer, Bone was born in Glasgow and trained initially as an architect, later going on to study art at Glasgow School of Art. He began printmaking in 1898, and although his first known print was a lithograph, he is better known for his etchings and drypoints. His subject matter was principally related to landscapes, architecture (which often focussed on urban construction and demolition sites) and industry.

In 1901 he moved to London, where he met William Strang, Dugald MacColl and Alphonse Legros, and later became a member of the New English Art Club. Bone was also a member of the Glasgow Art Club with which he exhibited. After the outbreak of the First World War, Charles Masterman, head of the British War Propaganda Bureau and acting on the advice of William Rothenstein, appointed Bone as Britain's first official war artist in May 1916

War Drawings . A Large Portfolio of 60 ' War Drawings' of Aspects of the First World War.

 Full folio Published by Authority of the War Office by Country Life Limited and George Newnes Limited, 1917–8, 1917. Folio. 6 light card folders each containing a loose contents leaf and 10 lithographic prints. Housed in a titled folder .  Total 60 plates. First edition, first impression. Approx. size 530mm x 395mm. In 1916 William Rothenstein, a friend of Bone and a fellow member of the Society of Twelve, proposed that an artist should be sent to the front to record the War, Bone was chosen for the task. He arrived in August, 1916 at the height of the Somme Offensive and toured the Southern battle-fields working rapidly in various media - pencil, pen, charcoal and chalk - sending back over 150 finished drawings by October. "He recorded mostly life behind the lines illustrating the settings for war rather than battle scenes – the work of the medical services, encampments, soldiers of duty, soldiers marching, landscapes and ruined towns.The detail and accuracy of Bone's drawings provided an authentic, eyewitness record of the immense logistic efforts of the Somme, one that proved immensely popular and resulted in more artists being commissioned."  Very rarely encountered complete, the lithographs having often been sold off individually, This is sold as the set with illustrations of the plates below. The folders etc are scruffy but the contents in stunning condition except for the few labelled as defective. Despite having been described as a 'Presentation Edition', NONE of these prints are signed separately in pencil, (as in the De Luxe Ediion of which there were only 50 copies - all signed) but have his usual integral signature on each individual drawing. £550 the set delivered  

In the Santerre

Off Havre-Taking the Pilot aboard a Hospital Ship

Spring in Rollencourt Village

A German H.Q

the Loos Salient and Burning Lens

The Quarry near Mouquet Farm

on board a Battleship- Between Decks (HMS 'lion')

The focsle of a Battleship


Guards Mustering for a Royal Review behind the Somme

The Fight for Lens, from Nôtre Dame de Lorette

Welsh Soldiers


Déniécourt Château, Estrées

A Line of Destroyers

War wounded being taken onto a hospital ship

Ruins near Arras

on the Somme, R.f.c. men building their Winter Hut

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